Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Diamonds Are Forever - Supplement

While we try to cover as much as we can in our episodes, there's always more to see, hear, and read about a movie that can enhance your viewing experience. If you enjoyed our episode on Diamonds Are Forever, here's a few extra bits you might find interesting...

Check out more of Bob "MovieBob" Chipman's work at Moviebob Central:

Here's the original trailer:

In these interviews, Sean Connery discusses James Bond and his decision to return to the role.

Check out this documentary on the making of Diamonds Are Forever

Here are some deleted scenes from the film, including the deleted cameo by Sammy Davis Jr.

Here's a BBC radio adaptation of the original novel starring Toby Stephens as James Bond and giving an idea of how differently the story of the book unfolded as compared to the film version:

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