Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Episode 18: Dog Day Afternoon

Corinne and Tim spend a hot summer day discussing Dog Day Afternoon, Sidney Lumet's gripping portrait of a bank heist gone wrong. Topics include the amazing true story that inspired it, the intensity of young Al Pacino, the film's depiction of gay and transgender characters, and its influence on subsequent heist movies. Warning: Contains explicit language, spoilers, and ATTICA!! ATTICA!! ATTICA!!!

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Do you want to make travel plans to Algeria? Care to debate the decibel level of Pacino's acting style? Feel like commiserating about how we'll never get more John Cazale performances? Leave a comment below and keep the discussion going.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Movie In-Jokes: Twilight Zone: The Movie

One of the fun games when watching movies is to spot references, secret messages, and gags that filmmakers, film crews, and actors can slip into movies to pay tribute to films they love, have a bit of fun with their previous work, or give the cinematic equivalent of a shout-out. Here's a spotter's guide to these inside jokes.

(meant to be read as Rod Serling): Submitted for your approval, tonight's in-joke serves as an example and a warning that as one travels from the hallowed halls of higher education to the frightening foliage of the jungle, fraternity does not walk hand-in-hand with loyalty. Lesson to be learned... in the Twilight Zone... Movie.