Monday, March 30, 2015

Movie In-Jokes: Night of the Creeps

One of the fun games when watching movies is to spot references, secret messages and gags that filmmakers, film crews and actors can slip into movies to pay tribute to films they love, have a bit of fun with their previous work, or give the cinematic equivalent of a shout-out. Here's a spotter's guide to these inside jokes.

This time writer/director Fred Dekker gives us a good reason to take bathroom vandalism seriously in a moment from Night of the Creeps that will leave you screaming like banshees.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Episode 12: Krull

This it was given us to know: that Corinne, a girl of not-so-ancient-name, and Tim, the not-quite-old one, would choose a movie to podcast about. It's each to their fate as we delve into the cheesy majesty of Krull from 1983. Warning: Contains explicit language, spoilers, and speculative interpretation of ambiguous prophecies.

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Do you think Princess Lyssa should have chosen you as her king or queen? Got tips for glaive-handling without slicing off your fingers? Annoyed that Liam Neeson didn't get to exercise his particular set of skills? Leave a comment below and keep the discussion going.