Sunday, June 19, 2016

Episode 38: 12 Angry Men

It's time for Corinne, Polly, and Tim to discuss the facts of the case regarding Sidney Lumet's classic legal drama 12 Angry Men. We'll argue over the motivations of each of the jurors, examine Lumet's visual tricks for heightening the film's tension, and look back at how disgusting men's rooms were in the 1950s. Warning: Contains explicit language, spoilers, and a switchblade (or two).

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Have any juror experiences you'd like to discuss? Was our episode was a miscarriage of cinematic justice? Do you think Fonda's walk around the room took 41 seconds? Leave a comment and keep the discussion going.


  1. One of the best movies ever made. I have nothing to chime in with that wasn't eloquently discussed to perfection by you all. :)

    I do recommend the Jack Lemmon remake, which was directed by William Friedkin. Every bit as good.

    1. Thanks a lot! And I do really enjoy that remake. I keep hoping they'll put it on DVD at some point.