Monday, January 31, 2022

The Best of 2021

It’s that wonderful time of year again as we list our favorite movies released during 2021. Listen as we discuss the difficulties of moviegoing in the midst of a pandemic and the importance of escapism in our choices. The movies we talk about include feminine descents into madness, off-beat convention-challenging Westerns, and a ton of amazing debut features from directors to watch out for. Warning: Contains explicit language, mild spoilers, and family scategoaps… scapegoats.

Our theme song is "Nostalgia TV" by Edward Jonathan Blakeley through Lynne Publishing.

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Any films you think we should have included in our lists? Are there new filmmakers out there you think we should be looking at? How do you feel about seeing movies in the theaters given our current pandemic situation? Leave a comment and keep the conversation going.

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