Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Salem Horror Fest 2021 - Weekend 1

In this special episode, we're discussing the first weekend of Salem Horror Fest Part 5. Listen as Tim reviews over a dozen feature films screened at the festival: 
  • Miracle Valley
  • Two Witches
  • What Happens Next Will Scare You
  • Parallel Minds
  • Hall
  • Keeping Company
  • Landlocked
  • Wicked Games
  • I Need You Dead
  • Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie
  • 6:45
  • The Free Fall
  • Origin Unknown

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Salem Horror Fest art by David Dembowski.

Our theme song is "Nostalgia TV" by Edward Jonathan Blakeley through Lynne Publishing.

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Are you attending Salem Horror Fest this year? Want to gush about how amazing Landlocked is? Visiting Salem in October? Leave a comment and keep the conversation going.

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