Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Boston Science Fiction Marathon SF48

We're back for the 48th annual Boston Science Fiction Festival to cover the 'Thon, the 24-hour sci-fi marathon! For the first time in five years we're in person at the Somerville Theater in Massachusetts to record our in-the-moment observations (and exhaustion) on the thirteen films shown for the marathon, which include two Arnold Schwarzenegger action epics, first outings for two classic monsters, encounters with time-traveling doppelgangers, and friendly and unfriendly androids. Please note that due to the nature of this event and the circumstances of its recording, the audio quality is not up to our usual standards. We hope this doesn't detract too much from your enjoyment of this episode. Warning: Contains explicit language, mild spoilers, and an unexpected piano recital. 

Our theme song is "Nostalgia TV" by Edward Jonathan Blakeley through Lynne Publishing.

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What would you say to a future version of yourself if you ever met? What's your record for stauing awake for a movie marathon? Know any low-cost, high-quality small microphones you want to recommend? Leave a comment and keep the conversation going.

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