Sunday, March 20, 2022

Little Caesar - Supplement

While we try to cover as much as we can in our episodes, there's always more to see, hear, and read about a movie that can enhance your viewing experience. If you enjoyed our episode on Little Caesar, here's a few extra bits you might find interesting...

Here's the original trailer: 

Little Caesar was a star-making role for Edward G. Robinson. Here's a tribute from Turner Classic Movies about this amazing actor:

As we mentioned, Robinson's performance inspired many cartoon gangster characters. Here's a clip of one of them from the Bugs Bunny short Racketeer Rabbit:

We speculated on whether the character of Rico inspired the naming of the organized crime legislation known as the RICO Act. Here's an explanation of RICO:

We mentioned how the use of the name 'Rico' got this song stuck in our heads... So now it's in your head too. Sorry:

Thanks for listening!

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