Thursday, December 25, 2014

Episode 10: Die Hard

Now we have an episode... ho.. ho... ho...

It's Christmas Eve in L.A. and Corinne, Chris, Sarah, and Tim discuss the most exciting office Christmas party ever by watching that explosive yuletide classic Die Hard. Warning: Contains explicit language, spoilers, sugar-enriched flour, partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil, polysorbate 60, and yellow dye No. 5.

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Want to debate which candy bar makes for the best pre-shoot-out snack? Have a theory utilizing theoretical physics to explain how you fit an ambulance into a cargo truck? Are you alone, tired, and haven't heard diddly-squat about the things you feel we should have discussed? Leave a comment below and keep the discussion going.


  1. I saw this as a Boston College freshman, walking down from campus to the Circle Cinema, now demolished. I left feeling utterly exhilarated. The energy of Die Hard is rarely matched. Speed and Terminator 2 are among its exalted peers.

    1. I remember the Circle Cinema. I saw Volcano and Extreme Measures there, in that period where I would go to see pretty much anything. Not a bad place though I heard in later years they had a bit of a rat problem.

      I didn't see this on the big screen until many years later. I can't imagine how incredible this must have been on first run, before every action movie became "Die Hard on a something." It has an elegance and simplicity and a sense of fun that seems sadly rare in the genre now.